1 more small Voice.....?
I have no illusions about the depth of this topic or the strength of opinions from many sides.

Tibet is but a place full of families trying to survive and build a better life for their children. It is our nature as Human beings to improve our circumstance and change the world for the better. Freedom & ingenuity have overcome impossible odds, history is replete with examples.
Telling Disasters .....
The Cyclone in Myanmar & Magnitude 7.9 Earthquake in China illustrate progress amongst terrible human hardship. China acted decisively allowing a free flow of information, then quickly accepted international aid in an organized effort to manage the unthinkable.

Conversely, the Burmese Junta reacted with an arms length attitude of distrust & lack of communication. Acted with arrogance and false pride as if they are above the natural calamities that every nation must endure.

China accepts & embraces emergency aid because they care deeply about their people. They are not too proud to realize how equal we all are in the face of Mother Nature. It makes me smile because China shows true respect in accepting help from the world community. Respect is something that tends to grow freely, attaching itself to many things :).
How do you invade yourself ?...... With futility.
Tibet was invaded by so many, in Feudal times. Today nationalist and separatist viewpoints grapple for attention in the press. One credible leader, the Dali Lama, stated: "I have no intention of using any agreement on autonomy as a stepping stone to Tibetan independence" It seems clear that he accepts Tibet as part of China and I take the Nobel Laureate at his word.

Freedom for Tibetans, not propaganda & re education, is the giant leap of faith that China must take. Creating a least common denominator of sameness will not generate the vitality all Chinese must have to overcome their collective challenges.

Ahhhh...... Freedom starts with The Press
-Open the door to journalists
-Public scrutiny is good for the soul
-All politicians hate being exposed, some even make corrections.
-Quoting Mark Twain, "An honest man in politics shines more there than he would elsewhere."